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Bar Manufacturing

Toll Piping

Toll Tubing

We provide toll polishing for Stainless Steel

and Aluminum; bars, tubing and pipes.

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Processes and Fulfillment
Above Standards

We shear or slit our metal to go through an edge conditioning process... Read More

We go extra lengths to certify our bar meets more requirements than just ASTM a240. We recognize your need... Read More


Meeting Market Demand
A Relection of Quality

Tell us your order specifics and we will do more than just quote a standard size or bundle... Read More

We produce the finest quality bar in polished form. We select bar free from... Read More


Learning from
our customers

We want to work as a partner with you, so think of Peachtree Metals as your offsite R & D department. With your feedback and our research we... Read More
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A Value
And Promise

Founded in 1976, Peachtree Metals is the market leader in the manufacturing and polishing of stainless steel edge conditioned flat bar.

With production facilities in Ohio, Georgia, and a depot in California, we are positioned to be your first choice for quality and reliability the first time you order.

Orders large and small, standard or unique… we service it all. We supply consistent value to our distributors and we ensure value in every step of our process, especially in the procurement of raw material.

Our strong mill relationships provide us with a reliable flow of prime material with unparalleled quality and traceability.

We are committed

to high quality




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