Quality First


A Reflection of Quality

We produce the finest quality bar in polished form. We select bar free from surface imperfections and run it through our proprietary polisher to ensure high quality consistency and finish. We have diversified to offer round bar polishing as well with the same quality standards you have come to expect from Peachtree Metals.

Above Standards

We go to extra lengths to certify our bar meets more requirements than just ASTM a240. We recognize your need to be all things to all types of customers and that is why we pre-spec our product before shipment, resulting in a product that conforms to a variety of end uses and markets.

Meeting Market Demand

Tell us your order specifics and we will do more than just quote a standard size or bundle. We’ll do what it takes to fill your specific requirements. From general stock to time sensitive or tolerance critical buyout, we manufacture and ship the quality your customers expect.